Saturday August 19 , 2017
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Plan a LIVE broadcast of your important business or personal events over the internet and get participation globally.
ImageInformation System Auditing
Evaluate the suitability and validity of your IT configurations, practices and operations with our dependable ISA services.
ImageDomain Booking & Web Hosting
Get the best domain booking and web hosting plans available in the market for your website.

ImageOnline Marketing Solutions
Make use of the powerful and low cost online marketing solutions to be where your customer-base can find you.
ImageOnline Reputation Management
Monitoring or tracking what is already being said about you and ensure a good online reputation.
ImageOnline Media Buying & Placement
Procure the best possible online placement at the best possible price in order to achieve the best viewership.

Get mini-site or landing page designed to showcase your campaign or new product and get instant viewing and more participation.
ImageWeb Designing
Get a professional look for your website and create the right first impression among your stakeholders.
ImageWeb Development
Get a website using the niche technologies that make you go ahead of your competition.

ImageTravel Business
Get an effective feature-rich Travel Portal designed to cater all your as well as 1000s of your agents’ business needs.

ImageE-commerce or Online Business
Get a robust, scalable and reliable e-commerce solution for your online business.
ImageE-learning Management System
Create and update online courses for your students to ensure easy and intelligent learning.

Logo Designing

A logo serves as a mark or a symbol that a company uses to get recognized. It is the identity of the corporate and every company requires it and should ensure that it has one. A logo may compose of words, drawings, symbols, colors, fonts, various combinations of phrases. It may or may not include the company tagline.

A logo should be well invested it. Since a logo is a drawing, it can hold different meaning. Therefore, deliberate efforts need to be made to make certain that the logo-design conveys only positive meaning and no wrong meaning reaches the public in any way.

Each part of the logo should have a meaning, all directed towards strengthening the image a corporate wants to portray among public. A properly designed logo speaks for itself. A logo has to be effective to leave a mark in one’s memory. Many big corporate houses like Bharti, Escorts, Tatas, etc. have a philosophy behind their logo-design, which speaks of their existence and belief.

The logo composition should be done keeping in mind the various communication materials, like the letterhead, business cards, etc., where it would be used. Any use of your may be noticed by any your prospective stakeholders. Therefore a careful and correct use of the logo is always a must. Distorted or incorrect use logo may adversely affect the professional image of the company in front of its stakeholders.

webPix designs logo after extensive sessions at the client end and proper understanding of the corporate history, vision, mission, culture, objectives and its work. We design a logo that will appropriately represent your company philosophy. We also provide you with branding guidelines for the use of your logo. This would help you know the exact colours, positioning, size, etc. of the logo as well as help you understand how your logo would look in the various communication materials. This will guide you well and help you take a better decision.

We design logos for all types of companies – small, medium, large. We provide quality services, while keeping our costs very nominal.

To engage webPix to design your corporate logo, please click here.


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